Bicycle Line
guarantees that this product is produced using high quality materials and meets very high standards of manufacturing. Proper care and maintenance of the garment will ensure the highest performance and extend its life.

The warranty only covers products where the defect is due to flaws in the material or manufacturing problems. The warranty will be rendered invalid if the garment is washed not in accordance with the cleaning procedures indicated on the care labels or following inappropriate use. The warranty also does not cover wear and tear during sports activities.

If the garment is covered under the warranty, Bicycle Line will undertake to repair or replace the faulty item. According to article 128 et seq., the guarantee is valid for two years. 

Care instructions of the garment to be followed if claiming on a warranty: 

1. Use of the garment

  • The garment must be worn taking care to not pull hard on the stitching in order to preserve fibres and yarn.
  • Avoid the use of large under-saddle bags which may cause chaffing on the tights. 
  • Do not allow the fabric to come into contact and/or  rub against Velcro. 
  • Avoid using embroidered saddles because with use it may cause abrasion to the fabric of the tights.

2. Maintenance of the garment

  • Do not leave the garment saturated with swear in a damp place and without air after use (for example in nylon bags, backpack, etc.)
  • You are advised to wash the garment immediately after use in order to avoid the deterioration of the fibres of the fabric due to bacterial build-up.
  • The use of products such as massage oils or muscular creams may occasionally damage the fibres of the fabrics. 
  • The use of softening creams is not necessary for any of our pads. 

3. Washing of the garment
On the inside of the product there is a label with the washing information. In addition we recommend the following:

  • Wash each cycling garment separately so as to avoid abrasion or colour migration. You should not wash dark and light colour garments together.
  • It is advisable to wash the garment by hand or in a machine at a low temperature (30° maximum), with a gentle detergent and without fabric softener. 
  • If washing the garment by hand, do not leave it to soak. Rinse thoroughly after washing and carefully wring the water out. 
  • Close the zips before washing. 
  • Do not use a spin-dryer. 
  • After washing, do not expose the garment to direct sunlight. Leave to dry spread out, or use a clothes hanger.
  • Never iron cycling apparel.

If after reading these instructions you believe you have a valid claim against the warranty then we advise you to return the garment to the store where it was purchased. In most cases the shopkeeper will be able to provide a professional, quick and complete service. If not, he will report your problem to the local Bicycle Line dealer so as to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

At Bicycle Line we care about your problems, because we’re cyclists too.