Women's Italian Randonneur

Discover the women's cycling wear of the Randoitalia collection. A range of products specially designed for long-distance pedaling wearing the colors of the Italian national team. Jersey, shorts, windproof jackets, vests and many other cycling accessories born from the partnership between BL and ARI Italia 2023-2026.

RANDONNÉE "Stray Spirit: neither fast nor slow, but always far".

Bicycle Line, for the second consecutive four-year period, is proud to be a sponsor of A.R.I. Audax Randonneur Italia with a line of high quality cycling clothing with comfortable and performing products. For example: the gel pad on the bibshorts and tights is suitable for long distances and the fabrics used are highly breathable, with antibacterial properties and an excellent ability to transport perspiration outwards.

Everything is completed with jerseys and jackets with roomy pockets that allow you to store everything you need for your long bike rides.

The colors of the national team characterize this collection of cycling clothing designed for lovers of a different kind of cycling, not exasperated by competition and rankings and where there is no opponent, just your travel companion.

Discover the women's cycling range from the Randoitalia collection, several products specially designed for cycling over long distances wearing the colors of the national team.

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