Winter Cycling Skull Caps

The BL winter collection of technical cycling head covers is very extensive and offers everything you need to keep your head warm and protect it from wind and rain during your bike rides. Caps, hats, bands or balaclavas made with windproof, water repellent and thermal fabrics for any need.

Winter cycling headwear for all weather conditions

Sun, rain, fog or wind are normal climatic conditions that every cyclist must face during the winter. To protect the head in these weather situations, it is essential to have a cycling hat for various reasons: the skullcaps, headbands, balaclavas and neck warmers are all made of elastic, breathable and thermal technical fabrics to keep the head warm and dry. In addition, they all have a UPF 50+ barrier to protect from the sun.

The skullcap is an accessorie that covers the entire head and ears, creating a perfect shell under the helmet. Technical fabrics such as Lombardia are very breathable allowing sweat to dry quickly and keep the head warm and dry during bike rides. There are also under helmets with a front band in windproof fabric for additional thermal protection.

Instead, the headband is a product that only covers the forehead and ears, ideal for cooler temperatures or for cyclists who better manage the cold. The BL VITTORIA bike headband is available in black, fluorescent yellow and coral pink. The same colors for the TORNANTE S2 skullcap and the GARA balaclava. The balaclava is another perfect cycling accessory for colder temperatures. It covers the head and neck, leaving the eyes and nose free (the latter when needed). While the mask is a complement that can be combined with the under helmet cap to protect the mouth and nose. In fact, there are holes in the fabric to help breathing, and for the closure just slip it behind the ears to keep it in place while practicing cycling.

A very useful accessory for the four seasons is the neck warmer, a super elastic and multifunctional piece of tubular fabric that not only serves to protect the neck but which can become a cycling hat, a headband and even a balaclava quickly thanks to the flexibility of the material. In the BL collection there is the SERRA seamless model in dark gray, yellow and coral pink, and the printed ZENITH model, neck warmer in black/white, light blue, and pink.

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