Men's winter cycling underwear

Choosing the right technical cycling underwear is a decision not to be underestimated! Winter cycling base layer serve as the initial layer in direct contact with the body, influencing the effectiveness of the entire ventilation and sweat management system. The importance of this choice resonates beyond mere comfort—it impacts the overall cycling experience. Optimal insulation and moisture control start with the right cycling underwear.

Do not underestimate the choice of technical cycling underwear! Cycling underwear is in fact the first layer in contact with the body on which the effectiveness of the entire ventilation and sweat management system depends.

With over thirty-five years of experience in the sector, BL produces and distributes high-performance cycling underwear, with attention to detail and particularly aesthetic. The garments we offer, cycling short sleeve and long sleeve base layer, boxers, tank tops, guarantee efficient heat management, quick drying, minimum thickness, breathability and a snug fitting and extremely comfortable thanks to the absence of seams. The yarns are also treated to avoid bacterial proliferation and bad odors!

Discover now our wide range of cycling underwear apparel and choose the quality of an Italian product. In a few simple clicks, you can buy your cycling underwear online and the products you have chosen and receive them comfortably at your home and in complete safety. It's worth it!

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