Summer gloves for men

Discover our range of summer cycling gloves: padded, long, fingerless, anti-vibration, breathable and non-slip. Comfort and protection for all your rides.

Gloves are an essential part of the cyclist's equipment, both for mtb and road cycling during the summer. The bicycle is driven with the hands, so it is important to be comfortable.

A very important function of a cycling glove is to prevent chafing or even blistering at points of continuous friction. Plus, with sweating, you lose grip and, therefore, gloves can provide that extra grip you need. Without forgetting the falls. With gloves we can reduce the injuries caused by a bad fall.

Generally, for road biking you can use fingerless gloves with little protection on the palm, but always made with breathable fabrics, elastic for a good fit and with a non-slip palm. While for the practice of Mountain Bike which involves a stronger grip on the handlebars, due to the roughness of the ground, it is advisable to use them always and long, given the presence of elements on the path such as branches or brambles.

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