Women's winter cycling Wear

Find here the clothing that should not be missing in your wardrobe for cycling during the colder months: thermal cycling underwear, long sleeve jersey, thermal jacket and winter tights for women. All products designed for women, their anatomy and their needs. Discover the women's winter cycling clothing that BL presents you this winter.

Winter should not stop your passion for cycling. It's the perfect season to explore new routes and enjoy the beauty of deserted roads. However, to face the cold and maintain maximum comfort during your bike rides, it's essential to have the right clothing in your wardrobe.

Let's start with thermal cycling base layers, the essential foundation to keep your body warm. These garments specially designed for women offer thermal insulation and breathability, keeping you warm without excessive sweating.

A long-sleeve jersey is the ideal complement to thermal base layers. Designed to snugly fit your body, it provides additional thermal protection and keeps you dry during physical activity.

To tackle the coldest weather, a thermal jacket is a must-have. Our selection of winter jackets for women is designed to trap heat without compromising breathability. With innovative materials, these jackets are lightweight and form-fitting, ensuring comfort and mobility during your ride.

Women's winter tights are the perfect choice to keep your legs warm in harsh conditions. Designed to adapt to your anatomy, they offer optimal comfort and protection against cold and wind.

Accessories should not be overlooked. Thermal gloves, head covers, shoe covers, and socks specially designed for winter cycling complete your gear. They keep your hands, head, feet, and toes dry and warm, allowing you to focus solely on your ride.

In conclusion, women's winter cycling clothing is designed with your specific needs in mind. Don't let the cold stop you. With the right gear, you can continue to enjoy your cycling adventures even during the colder months. Discover our selection and get ready for an unforgettable winter on your bike.

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