Bicycle Line S.r.l. isn't responsible of eventually defects on the products if these defects are due to: negligence, improper use of the product, normal wear or due to force majeure. In particular, to obtain the warranty on the purchased product , we ask you to pay attention to the following rules regarding the use and care of the product.

• The use of saddles with embroidery can bring abrasions to the fabric and the seams of the pad.

• The use of backpacks can damage the fabrics and lead to peeling cases on the fabric itself.

• Rubbing on rough surfaces can damage the fabric and the seams of the garment.

• After each ride never store damp clothes in a non-ventilated environment (e.g. plastic bags, sport bags, suitcase, etc.).

• After each ride wash the garments immediately in order to avoid fabric deterioration caused by bacterial attacks.

• Massage oils and muscular-creams may damage the fabrics fibres.

• Do not use softeners or creams on any of our pads.

• Wash cycling garments separately from other clothes/accessories to prevent friction and/or colour migration.

• Machine-wash is possible but always use a delicate cycle and lukewarm water (max 30° C). Use a mild liquid detergent only and do not use softeners.

• If hand washing: do not leave garments in water to soak. To remove excess water gently squeeze by hand.

• If you make use of washing machine do not spin and do not tumble dry

• After washing do not hang the garments in the direct sunlight. Dry garments flat or hanging.

• Do not iron

In case of a defect, you have to contact Bicyle Line at the email address

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