Last week of races in Italy before the Giro for the team Vini Zabù - KTM who is ready for two home races, Giro della Toscana and Coppa Sabatini, and for a trip in Liguria where saturday we will be racing at Giro dell'Appennino.

The SD Francesco Frassi and Luca Scinto will apply a turnover in these three races due to the fatigue after a very complicated last week in Tirreno - Adriatico.

Lorenzo Rota will be the captain in tomorrow's Giro della Toscana who presents a brand new route after cutting off the climb of Monte Serra before the finish line in Pontedera where in 2019 Giovanni Visconti, who will skip this race, won for the last time.

Together with Rota the line up will see Manuel Bongiorno, Marco Frapporti, James Mitri, Veljko Stojnic, Leonardo Tortomasi and Edoardo Zardini.

Visconti will be back on thursday at Coppa Sabatini replacing the other siciliano Leonardo Tortomasi for a race with a harder route compared to the past.

The roster will change for saturday's Giro dell'Appennino where we will see again Lorenzo Fortunato, Matteo Spreafico and Leonardo Tortomasi that are gonna replace Manuel Bongiorno, Marco Frapporti and Giovanni Visconti

GIRO DELLA TOSCANA - Bongiorno, Frapporti, Mitri, Rota, Stojnic, Tortomasi, Zardini
COPPA SABATINI - Bongiorno, Frapporti, Mitri, Rota, Stojnic, Visconti, Zardini
GIRO DELL'APPENNINO - Fortunato, Mitri, Rota, Spreafico, Stojnic, Tortomasi, Zardini