Difficult and long stage with the riders who started under the rain and then, on the KOM of Geraci Siculo, they found themselves surrounded by the fog with the organization that has decided to neutralize the race.

Giovanni Visconti tried something on the following descent but he couldn't reach the six escapees who were caught by the peloton with 6 kms to go.

In the sprint Manuel Belletti was the fastest rider with Pacioni in 20th and now in 4th place of the general classification where today's winner is in the lead but the things might change tomorrow in the hilly route that will bring peloton to Ragusa


1 Manuel Belletti
2 Riccardo Stacchiotti
3 Juan Sebastian Molano

20 Luca Pacioni
43 Davide Gabburo
44 Giovanni Visconti
48 Sebastian Schonberger
51 Simone Velasco
53 Dayer Quintana
55 Edoardo Zardini