The second Giro di Paola will start tomorrow, where Paola Gianotti will anticipate all the stages of the professionals one day and will ride on the roads of the Giro d'Italia as testimonial of the campaign on road safety I RESPECT THE CYCLIST she thought together with Marco Cavorso.

In 2018 Paola completed her first Giro di Paola covering more than 3,000km and 45,000m altitude formerfrom Catania to Rome followed by two vehicles and a team of 8 people.

Paola during her Giro involved administrations and municipalities carrying on the I RESPECT THE CYCLIST campaign and being promoted almost every evening on RAI 2- PROCESS AT THE STAGE led by Alessandra De Stefano through videos on the right coexistence between cyclist and motorist on the road.

Paola represented the social part of the Giro d’Italia with the support of RAI and of many former professionals who met during the Giro and who supported the awareness campaign.

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