Italy, Austria and Holland. The team Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM is ready for one of the most important weekends of the season with a thriple race session that will keep busy almost all the roster of the team of Angelo Citracca.

The main event is gonna be the Italian Championship that is gonna start the 28th of june with Bevilacqua, Gabburo and Marengo racing the 34 kms time trial with start and finish in Bedonia.

This is gonna be the appetizer of what we are gonna see the 30th of june with the road race that will be held on a very selective route.

227 kms from Borgo Val di Taro to Campiano with two circuits. The first one is 47 kms long and is gonna be repeated two times before entering in the second circuit of 12.4 kms to be repeated ten times with the climb of Strela, 5 kms of 3,4% average slope, with the top only 6 kms far from the finish.

The team has performed well in Hungary and Slovenia and so we expect a lot especially from Giovanni Visconti, that has won the Tricolori four times between Under 23 and Professionals, motivated and captain of the team directed by Francesco Frassi and Luca Scinto where we are gonna see all the italian riders except Liam Bertazzo who will be racing at the European Games of Minsk.

The 30th of june we will be racing also in Austria, where Sebastian Schonberger in Mondsee will face a very difficult challenge against the riders of the team Bora - Hansgrohe, and in Holland with Van Empel that doesn't have nothing to lose on a route for "puncheurs".