The team Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM ends the Tour of Slovenia with a new great perfomance confirming the good moment of the whole group of riders. They have been all the day close to their captain Giovanni Visconti with some freedom for Umberto Marengo at the beginning of the stage, as he succeded to be part of the early breakaway before ending in 7th place at the sprint won by Giacomo Nizzolo. In a rainy day and with the fast pace of teams like Gazprom, that was very active on the climb of Vanta, the result of the team is important as we find in the top 10 of the day also Simone Velasco, 9th, and Giovanni Visconti, 10th with Edoardo Zardini who managed to end in the same selected group. In the general classification only Diego Ulissi could beat our captain but we can't forget the good results achieved by Sebastian Schonberger, 14th, and Edoardo Zardini, 17th. This week we will be joining the National Championships, our big goal of the season, and the condition after the last races looks very good STAGE RESULTS 1 Giacomo Nizzolo 2 Luka Mezgec 3 Shane Archbold 7 Umberto Marengo 9 Simone Velasco 10 Giovanni Visconti 18 Edoardo Zardini 33 Sebastian Schonberger 2'23" 41 Lorenzo Fortunato 90 Manuel Bongiorno 11'03" FINAL CLASSIFICATION 1 Diego Ulissi 2 Giovanni Visconti 22" 3 Aleksandr Vlasov 25" 14 Sebastian Schonberger 8'09" 17 Edoardo Zardini 9'03" 30 Manuel Bongiorno 21'40" 34 Umberto Marengo 25'15" 35 Simone Velasco 27'13" 59 Lorenzo Fortunato 48'23"