One week left today to the end of a long but positive season 2019 at least from the point of view of the results.

As the Tour of Hainan won't be in calendar, the last race of the season is the Tour of Taihu Lake where the team Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM, directed this year by Francesco Frassi, has won twice the general classification in 2015 and 2017.

Six riders selected with Luca Pacioni aiming for the bunch sprints helped by Giuseppe Fonzi and by our stagiaire Mattia Bevilacqua, National Champion in the juniors in 2016 with the team Franco Ballerini.

In the hardest stages eyes on Luca Raggio and Etienne Van Empel with the help of Massimo Rosa.


9/10 Prologue - Wuxi › Wuxi (5.5k)
10/10 Stage 1 - Wuxi › Wuxi (88.8k)
11/10 Stage 2 - Hufuzhen › Hufuzhen (101k)
12/10 Stage 3 - Huzhou › Changxing (117k)
13/10 Stage 4 - Suzhou › Suzhou (116k)
14/10 Stage 5 - Jurong › Jurong (128.8k)
15/10 Stage 6 - Jinhu › Jinhu (73.6k)