30 years alongside the cyclists

For many cycling enthusiasts, 1987 is the year of Stephen Roche, the Irish rider who was able to win the Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and World Championships in the same year, a feat which only the great Eddy Merckx was able to achieve. For us it is also the year Bicycle Line was born, which started its history in cycling thanks to the passion and experience of its founder, Gastone Coghetto. Today, 30 years later, with the contribution of the new generations, this story continues and points to new and important goals.

The research into new fabrics and technologies, the ever-expanding study of ergonomic dynamics and the ongoing collaboration with athletes of various levels to identify their different needs, represent the strengths of Bicycle Line to offer apparel that can improve performance with resolute Italian style and design. From the R&D lab to the style office, from tailoring to production, from garment control to final packaging, Bicycle Line manages the whole production chain,  

ensuring the quality and reliability needed for technical clothes that meet the chief requirements of lightness, breathability, endurance, comfort and aerodynamics. In the end, then, it's just the road to give us the answers. Each collection is just a stage for us. Every goal is just an intermediate sprint. Our escape that started in 1987 is still ongoing. We know we can count on a solid team and a group that follows and supports us: our consumers.


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