Men's Summer Bike Headwear

Discover our online range of bandanas, neck warmers, headbands and headbands for cycling during the summer.

The bandana, handkerchief or headwear is an element that we must not forget when practicing cycling. It is a garment with which the head is covered so that the sweat remains on the fabric, and not on our hair, because it can produce bad odors as well as a feeling of discomfort.

It is important to choose them of good quality, in breathable fabrics, and if possible, with antibacterial treatment, to avoid fungi and bad odors. They are essential because they absorb sweat, avoiding the discomfort of the head and sweaty hair.

Another essential garment that for many cyclists is the most used throughout the year is the tubular, a piece of fabric in the shape of a tube that can be used in summer to dry sweat and in winter to protect us from the cold, wind and humidity. rain. There are many different ways to wear it, and each one fulfills a different function: around the neck, covering the ears and nose, as a bandana or skullcap, or as a wristband.

Discover our products and all the color options to control sweat during the hottest summer months.

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