Angelo Citracca and the team Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM are proud to announce the arrival of three  riders, Mattia Bevilacqua, Alessandro Iacchi and Veljko Stojnic, all coming from our Under 23 team Franco Ballerini.

Bevilacqua and Iacchi had already the chance to ride as stagiaires in the last races of the season so the big new for 2020 is Veljko Stojnic, the first serbian rider in the history of our team and winner of two races, Firenze - Viareggio and Circuito Castelnovese, in the Under 23 cathegory this year.

Luca Scinto, that has followed the team Franco Ballerini with the role of president, introduces the new riders.

"At the end of 2018 me and Angelo Citracca wanted to create this new team, adding it to the juniors team that is on the roads since 2014. After some difficult times at the beginning, these guys got better and better achieving the biggest goal we had, reaching the qualification to the Giro d'Italia Under 23. This adventure represented a significant economical effort but we are proud to say that in 2019 we were one of the few teams in the world that could count on both Juniors and Under 23 squads. To promote three riders in the Pro team means that we reached another goal and personally I'm very happy to work again with Mattia Bevilacqua, that has arrived here when he was only 16 and that he was able to win the juniors National title in 2016. I want to thank all the staff of the team Under 23 with a special mention to Andrea Bardelli that has always believed in the project despite the troubles we had at the beginning."


Born in Livorno the 17-06-1998, Mattia Bevilacqua has joined the team Franco Ballerini in 2015 in the cathegory Juniors winning the National Championships in 2016 at Solbiate Arno. After some difficult seasons in the Under 23, this year he was back on a good level and we could appreciate his quality in the sprints at the Tour of Taihu Lake where he has never ended out of the top 15. 


Born the 26-05-1999 in Borgo San Lorenzo, Alessandro Iacchi is a rider that can perform well in the one day races where as he can count on a good sprint together with a decent resistance on the climbs. His best result of the season is a 2nd place at Coppa del Mobilio in Ponsacco but in his 2019 there are some good performances at the Giro del Veneto and in two pro races, the Gp di Larciano, where he was selected by the National Team coach Davide Cassani, and the Gp Beghelli that he rode as stagiare with us. 


Born in Sombor the 04-02-1999, Veljko Stojnic did it great in the Under 23 cathegory with a magic month of august where he was able to win two races, both with a solo attack. Winner of the time trial title in 2018, Stojnic has showed some progress also on the climbs. He has represented his country at the European Championships and at the World Championships and his 2019 score has 7 podiums and 10 top 5.